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If you’re looking for a tattoo studio in Singapore that perfectly combines traditional and modern tattoo culture, look no further than Ink By Finch. Our highly skilled tattooists specialize in crafting personalized, sophisticated, timeless and universally appreciated designs, ranging from classic tribal motifs to cutting-edge contemporary art.

With Ink By Finch, you can expect nothing less than a top-quality tattoo that will stand the test of time and leave your friends, family, and peers in awe. We take pride in our artistry and are committed to providing an exceptional experience. Furthermore, our tattoo artists’ beliefs are firmly rooted in providing enduring and meaningful tattoos, making sure that each ink is a result of deep and purposeful consideration and careful execution.

With a wide range of styles and techniques, we can accommodate any beautiful design you have in mind. Our tattoo parlor also offers body piercings that range from subtle to bold, providing a comprehensive body modification escapade tailored to your liking.

We'll work with you to make your tattoo & body piercing a reality.


We’re not just any other tattoo artist that puts ink in your skin. With hundreds of clients and tattoo enthusiasts trusting us with their tattoos, we focus on creating a unique experience for all our clients

Experienced Tattoo Artists & Body Piercers

A tattoo is more than just a piece of art – it’s a lifelong commitment. Our team of experienced and approachable tattoo artists and body piercers are passionate about creating masterpieces you’ll cherish for years.

Any tattoo ideas you may have, no matter how unconventional, you can be sure that our team will execute them flawlessly. We strive to make the entire process memorable for anyone who visits us.

Latest Tattoo Equipment & Industry Standards

Our tattoo studio is equipped with the latest technology and industry-standard safety protocols, so you can feel confident knowing your ink is being taken care of with the highest quality care.

We also take great pride in sourcing our inks from reputable manufacturers to ensure you get the best results without compromising safety and hygiene standards.

Whether it’s a custom tattoo or something as simple as classic line work, you can count on Ink By Finch to give you the best tattoo experience in Singapore.

Safe & Hygienic Services

At our tattoo studio, we prioritize your safety and hygiene, ensuring every tattoo session is enjoyable and secure. Our team takes all the necessary precautions to maintain a clean and sterile environment, minimizing the risk of contamination or infection.

From the initial consultation to the aftercare instructions, we are committed to catering to your needs and creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all our clients. Our goal is to make the tattoo experience pleasant, and we work tirelessly to ensure that every step of the process is comfortable and stress-free for you.


Pet portraits, cover-up tattoos or traditional Japanese art – no matter what tattoo you’re looking for, our friendly tattoo artists can help visualize and create it. We specialize in custom tattoos and have the creativity and expertise to craft a custom design that reflects your style and personality.

Our tattoo studio and talented artists deliver innovative and creative designs that will turn heads. There’s nothing more special than a truly unique, one-of-a-kind tattoo.

Tattoos We Offer

With a vast portfolio of techniques under our belt, we can accomplish any spectacular design you have in mind. Our private tattoo studio also offers body piercings that range from subtle to bold. Regardless of the style of your new tattoo idea, the artists at Ink By Finch are trained to execute tattoo concepts that include the following and more:

  • Monochrome Tattoos: Also known as black and gray tattoos, monochrome tattoos are characterized by their monochromatic use of colors to illustrate details and designs on skin. They typically include black, gray and occasionally white to create depth and dimension in images, and are closely linked to other styles in realism.

  • Realism Tattoos: Our best tattoo artists have the expertise to etch true-to-life designs on your skin with immense detail, shading and precision. From loved ones, pets, to your favorite flora and fauna, your body art deserves to pop with intricacy and accuracy.

  • Simple Tattoos: Employing minimalism, simple tattoos can convey rich meanings that match up to their detailed and complex counterparts. Represent beliefs, memories and ideas with uncomplicated designs that sport basic shapes, clean lines and cherished symbols. These subtle tattoos make a prime choice for any individual’s first tattoo, as it provides a profound yet gentle introduction to the tattooing experience.

  • Fine Line Tattoos: A simple tattoo in itself, fine line designs make soft and discreet additions that lend a platform for self-expression without the worry of overly showy displays.

  • Calligraphy Tattoo: Embody words and phrases close to your heart by directly inking them on your body. Witness artful hand-lettering take place on your arms, legs and more to remind you everyday of what matters most in a variety of fonts such as cursive, graffiti and script.

  • Chinese Painting Tattoos: There’s no better way to represent your love for traditional Chinese art than elegant Chinese painting tattoos. Featuring flowing brushstrokes and luminous watercolor effects, this style of tattoo can hold deep cultural significance for the wearer, reinforcing one’s sense of identity.

  • Japanese Tattoos: Our tattoo services wouldn’t be complete without one of the most coveted styles, marked by Japanese oriental designs depicting Koi fish, cranes, cherry blossoms, dragons, samurai and more.

  • Abstract Tattoos: Abstract tattoos often refer to conceptual designs beyond real-life beings or objects. Defined by their incorporation of shapes, patterns and lines, these tattoos exist in a myriad of compositions and colors to effectively capture the intentions of the wearer.

  • Tribal Tattoos: Tribal tattoos are easily recognizable for their bold and black ink tattooing and tattoo designs. Originating from indigenous cultures, tribal tattoos hold much spiritual and personal value for many, although they have become a popular choice for their intricate patterns and symmetrical appeal.

  • Sleeve Tattoos: If you are a seasoned tattoo collector, you are probably familiar with the concept of sleeve tattoos. With our arms being one of the biggest and best canvases to showcase excellent tattoo artistry, sleeve tattoos allow you to don your favorite themes, symbols and patterns while offering ample room to accurately portray your individuality.

  • Portrait Tattoos: Portrait tattoos fall under the category of realism tattoos, wherein a subject’s features are realistically recreated on skin. This technique is favored for those who would like to honor someone special to them, whether it is a close friend or family member, an idol, or another important figure. They can be done in color as well as black and gray, and often replicate the finest details, including the subject’s facial expressions and features.

  • 3D Tattoos: Ink By Finch is one of few Singapore tattoo shops that can pull off highly complicated three-dimensional tattoos that exhibit remarkable depth and realism. From astonishing optical illusions to stunning anamorphic art, our tattooists can realize the vision you desire for your 3D tattoo with incredible skill and experience.

  • Gray Realism Tattoos: Yet another subclass of realism tattoos, gray realism pieces combine the monochromatic elements of black and gray tattoos with the intricacy of realism tattoos for detailed designs that look like a snapshot in time. Despite using a limited color palette, these tattoos typically feature much tonal depth from skilful shading and thorough layering.

  • Custom Tattoos: Looking for a truly original design? Custom tattoos can be ideated with the individual’s preferences and priorities in mind, providing an extensive range of possibilities from a mix-and-match of different elements and techniques. Moreover, custom tattoos also do an amazing job of serving as cover ups for regrettable tattoo decisions.

Every tattoo artist at Ink By Finch is armed with the most outstanding experience and resources to provide you with your dream tattoo. With our quality services and commitment to customer satisfaction, Ink By Finch is one of the best places for custom tattoo designs in Singapore.

Tattoo Pricing

Prices are Based on design/size and amount of time. 

Our clients are very satisfied with our work and reasonable pricing.

If you like our work, tell your friends. We can offer discounts to regular ink addicts and possibly more if you give us good referrals.

We’re an independent shop, not a corporate chain, and have a steady word of mouth following that keeps people coming back for more. 

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It is our priority that every customer that walks through the door leaves feeling satisfied.

Body Piercings at Ink By Finch Tattoo & Piercing Studio

Aside from tattoos, we also offer body piercing services to complete your look. Body piercings are pieces of art that require precision and expertise. That’s why our team takes the time to assess your anatomy before performing any piercing procedure.

Below are some of the body piercings that we offer:

  • Nose Piercings: We have everything from septum to nostril piercings. Make your look stand out with a stylish nose piercing.

  • Ear Piercings: We’re here to help you find the perfect ear piercing that matches your unique style and anatomy. Whether you’re interested in a conch piercing or a rook piercing, we’ll assist you every step of the way.

  • Tongue Piercings: With an extensive selection of tongue piercings, you can find a style that reflects your personality. Discuss all the details with our piercing artist to get the look you’ve always wanted.

  • Lip Piercings: Lip piercings are great for making a bold fashion statement. We provide various lip piercings to cater to your individual style and preferences.

  • Eyebrow Piercings: You can trust us to give you the perfect placement and design for eyebrow piercings.

  • Nipple Piercings: Our piercing artist can guide you through getting a nipple piercing safely and securely.

  • Navel (Belly Button) Piercings: Have you noticed how many people are getting belly button piercings these days? You can be among the first trend-setters to lead the way.  Our private studio can provide the perfect navel piercing to complete your look.

If you have a piercing idea, we’d love to hear it. Contact us today and take your look to the next level!

Our Talented Artists Can Make Your Vision Come to Life

Joe Finch founded Ink By Finch to provide quality tattoos and body piercings you’ll love for years.

As someone who’s been in the industry for more than a decade, Joe’s vision is to create a friendly and welcoming environment where customers can explore their options for tattoos and piercings.

Apart from Joe, the talented team of artists consists of experienced professionals who are experts in various tattoo styles and techniques. By providing professional advice and intricate designs that are sure to turn heads, our tattooers and piercers can help you create a look that’s perfect for you.

See how our tattoo studio can turn your vision into a reality. Get in touch with us today and book an appointment!

“Tattoos can mean so many different things to people: rites of passage, remembrances of other people, places, experiences, commemorations of connection and belonging, the strength we take from powerful symbols.
An artist all of my life, I have identified with these ideas through the creation of my art. I’ve found self-expression and fulfillment, insight into myself and others. Art has always been a sanctuary for me, a place to find happiness, refuge and unity.”


Thoroughly Research a Tattoo Studio and Artist

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Just 10 minutes away from Orchard Road and Kreta Ayer Road by train, Ink By Finch Tattoo & Piercing Studio is located on Coleman Street, Peninsula Shopping Centre. Our easy to find location makes it convenient for you to get in, get tattooed, and go again. 

If you are coming by MRT, alight at City Hall MRT, and go to Exit B. 
(it’s only 5 mins walk to Peninsula shopping Centre).

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