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Piercings and body modifications have become powerful forms of self-expression, allowing individuals to transform their bodies into unique works of art.

The possibilities for self-expression are endless, from traditional ear piercings to more adventurous body modifications like dermal implants or tongue splitting.

These transformative practices enhance physical appearances and symbolize personal growth, cultural identity, and a sense of belonging to a diverse and vibrant community.

Ink By Finch is a Singapore-based professional piercing clinic and studio offering a range of unique and creative body piercing options.

From a septum piercing that adds a touch of edge to your look or something as simple as a nose stud, Ink By Finch offers premium quality and safety-certified piercing services.


Getting body and ear piercings require serious consideration, and seeking a reliable professional to offer top-notch services is crucial.

At Ink By Finch, all our piercing experts are certified with significant experience in body piercings. That’s why our customers continuously prefer us for their piercing needs.

Expertise and Experience

Ink By Finch’s piercing studio has a team of highly skilled and experienced piercers who have undergone extensive training and practice in mastering the art and science of body piercing. By choosing us for your piercing needs, you can trust that you are in good hands.

Our expertise allows us to handle various piercing styles and placements with precision and professionalism. Whether you’re looking for a simple earlobe piercing or a more intricate cartilage piercing, we have the knowledge and skill to deliver outstanding results.

Commitment to Safety & Hygiene

Your safety and well-being are paramount to us at Ink By Finch. We strictly adhere to rigorous safety and hygiene protocols to provide a clean and sterile environment for every piercing procedure.

Our studio prioritizes hygiene and safety by using top-quality sterilization equipment and disposable cartridges and needles for each client. Ink By Finch’s thorough sterilization procedures ensure a germ-free environment and reduce the likelihood of infections or problems during the healing period.

In addition, our piercers are knowledgeable about aftercare and will provide comprehensive instructions to help you properly care for and maintain your new piercing.

Wide Selection of Jewelry

We understand that choosing the right jewelry is essential for both aesthetics and comfort. That’s why at Ink By Finch, we offer a diverse selection of high-quality piercing studs made from surgical steel, gold, titanium, silver, and stainless steel.

Our collection includes a variety of designs and sizes, allowing you to find the perfect piece that aligns with your style and suits your specific piercing needs.

Hypoallergenic earrings are also available for individuals sensitive to certain metals to avoid allergic reactions.

Personalized Approach

Our body and ear piercing services are not just about delivering great results — they’re also about providing an outstanding customer experience. We will take the time to understand your needs and preferences, work with you to help you find the perfect piercing style that expresses your individuality, and provide aftercare advice during the healing process.

With a wide range of unique and creative piercing options, Ink By Finch is the best choice for quality and safety-certified body and ear piercings.

Friendly & Professional Staff

Ink By Finch Tattoo Studio boasts highly skilled and approachable professionals committed to helping you achieve your desired look.

Our unwavering attention to detail guarantees that every client leaves feeling absolutely amazing. We understand that getting a body piercing can be an overwhelming experience, but we assure you that we will make you feel completely at ease throughout the entire process.

If you have any questions or concerns, our staff is always on hand to provide you with the necessary assistance.

Ink By Finch Offers a Wide Variety of Body Piercing Services


We can do virtually any piercing — from standard ear and lobe piercings to more adventurous ones like nose and lip piercings. With safety and hygiene being the primary focus at our studio, most of our piercings are done with a single-use, disposable cartridge in addition to thoroughly disinfected supplies.

Tongue Piercing

Tongue piercings in Singapore are commonly seen among the youth and are a popular form of self-expression. We offer tongue piercings using only premium quality jewelry and top-notch piercing techniques.

Because of the complexity of this procedure, we recommend that you consult with our experts before getting your tongue pierced so we can provide you with comprehensive advice on aftercare and healing time.

Septum Piercing

That little piece of skin between your nostrils is actually called the septum. Cool, right? If you’re considering adding some edge to your look with a septum piercing, just keep in mind that it’s not something you should attempt on your own. It’s a complex piercing, so it’s important to find a skilled and experienced professional to do it for you. Luckily, Ink By Finch in Singapore is a great option for safe and reliable septum piercings. Our piercing artists will guide you through the whole process with ease.



Make a statement with an eye-catching navel piercing. This body modification is prevalent in Singapore and can help you portray confidence and self-expression. Boost your style game with a stunning navel piercing that will turn heads.

Nose Piercing

This method of piercing can appear daunting if you’re contemplating getting a nose piercing in Singapore. Nevertheless, Ink By Finch Tattoo Studio is committed to offering our clients a hassle-free and delightful experience.

No more stressing over finding a reliable and experienced professional to perform your nose piercing — our piercers have the skills, experience, and precision needed to create phenomenal results.

Ear Piercing

At Ink By Finch, we offer a wide range of piercings along the ear, including lobe, cartilage, and tragus piercings. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to giving you the exact look you desire. Let us know what you want, and we’ll ensure the final result is flawless. Go through the best ear piercing experience with Ink By Finch.

Helix Piercing

If you’re on the hunt for a helix piercing in Singapore, Ink By Finch is the perfect destination for you. Our team of skilled professionals will guarantee that this piercing, which involves puncturing a portion of your ear cartilage, is performed with utmost accuracy and safety. Our helix piercings will enable you to show off your preferred jewelry items with complete confidence.

Eyebrow Piercing

Enhance your unique style with a meticulously placed eyebrow piercing from Ink By Finch. Your eyebrows can now speak volumes without saying a word. An eyebrow piercing is an excellent way to leave a lasting impression and showcase your flair.

Lip Piercing

Are you a fan of lip piercings? Our team of experts at Ink By Finch is here to assist you in choosing the most suitable piercing that complements your unique style. With an extensive jewelry collection available, you’ll find the perfect match to accentuate your look.

Get Ready to Stand Out With Ink By Finch

Body art is more than just tattoos or piercings — it’s a form of self-expression that can boost your confidence and turn heads. Whether you’re looking for an understated look or something more daring, Ink By Finch is the perfect place to find what you want.

Our experienced professionals are passionate about helping clients achieve their desired look with safety-certified piercing processes.

At an affordable price, you can now enjoy the ideal piercing that truly expresses who you are. From a delicate tongue piercing to a pleasantly basic ear piercing in Singapore, Ink By Finch is the ultimate destination for a seamless piercing experience at once safe, comfortable and professional. Get ready to stand out with Ink By Finch today!

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